New Year Fireworks

Fireworks for New Year's Eve parties.

In our 'New Year's Eve' selection we have chosen the most suitable fireworks for a short spectacular display. We've concentrated on a smaller number of larger fireworks that will require the minimum of setting up and provide huge high aerial bursts.

New Year firework displays.

First of all you have to think, what could the weather be like at midnight on new year's eve? New year's eve firework parties tend not to be like bonfire night parties. For bonfire night the fireworks are the centre of the evening and people have gone dressed up in warm clothing to stand in the garden at night whilst the fireworks are let off.

On new year's eve, people are having a party of which the fireworks may be only a small part of the evening's entertainment and they may not be suitably dressed to stand in the garden for 30 minutes in the middle of the night. Hence the fireworks we recommend produce, short, spectacular, displays and are the largest and most spectacular available.

We start our New Year Fireworks page as soon as Bonfire Night is over in the meantime have a look at our single ignition display fireworks which will give you an idea about the best fireworks to use for New Year parties.

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