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Chain Reaction

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Chain Reaction

£129.99 £140.00
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£129.99 £140.00

Chain Reaction 170 shot Single Ignition Display by Zeus Fireworks.

Size = 470mm x 250mm x 160mm.


Approx. 2 mins. 

Vertical & fan firing aerial display.


170 shots

25 metres

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Chain Reaction 170 shot Aerial Firework by Zeus Fireworks

Chain Reaction is a 170 shot single ignition firework by Zeus Fireworks. Chain Reaction fires a wide variety of colours and effects during its two-minute duration including quiet wriggling fish effects, whistles, crackles as well as large coloured Chrysanthemum 'puffball' shaped bursts.

Chain Reaction fires the first part of its display vertically and at a good steady rate then, for its finale, it fires fives salvos of stars in a fan shape across the sky, the last one being all crackling stars.

Chain Reaction produces some lovely colours during its display and would be an ideal firework for an event such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding or for New Year as well as being a finale firework for Bonfire Night.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Ther fan effect finale is a surprise ending to this 2-minute display.
    • Contains a wide variety of colours and effects.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.
    • Vertically and fan fired display.

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