You can choose to 'Collect from Store' any of the fireworks on our web site, not just the ones on this page. The ones on this page have to be collected as we are unable to deliver them.

Why are some fireworks available for collection only? Obviously we must have had those fireworks delivered to our store, so why can't we send them out direct to the customer? The answer is quite simple and it concerns the packaging that the fireworks are delivered in. Certain fireworks would have to be rated in a higher classification than the normal 1.4g if it were not for the metal caged Pyromesh packaging. Having a firework classified as 1.4g means that it is easier for couriers to transport it and does not present many restrictions with the general public storing the firework until their display.

Whilst some fireworks are packed just as a single item in a Pyromesh carton others, primarily rockets may be packed in say 12’s. This is fine if the customer wishes to buy the box of 12, but if the customer wants to buy less than the full box quantity then the carton will have to be opened and we then do not have carton to send those rockets to the customer in as well as keeping the carton at our store for the remaining stock. Unlike many products, the cartons that contain fireworks are for specific contents, so unfortunately it is not just a case of putting them in to any old carton.

I suppose what makes the situation seem hard to understand, is that as the customer is the end user they can take the firework away in a plastic bag, such are the idiosyncrasies of regulations.

With some fireworks it is just the case that we don't have a box long enough to pack an order in to.