Glow Sticks & Lightropes


Our range of glow sticks and lightropes add another dimension to your display. If you are having a firework display with friends and family in your back garden then glowsticks and lightropes are the ideal product for younger (and not so young) children. Sparklers are not recommended for children under 5 so our glow products will allow them also to have something bright and colourful to hold. They will last around 8 hours and in fact we have experienced then lasting considerably longer. Our glowsticks are approximately 6”/15cm long and they come with a lanyard so that you can wear them around your neck, or you can attach them to the zip on your coat with the small hook on the end of the glow stick. Our lightropes are true tri-colour ones. Some tri-colour lightropes are made up of three sections that have to be joined together but ours are one piece 22” long, comprising red, blue and green colours and come with a connector so that you can make them in to a circular necklace.

If you are organising a large firework display then glow sticks and lightropes are great fund raisers. Buy buying our fantastic value bulk packs you can sell glow sticks and lightropes to your audience and make a good profit. Lightropes and glow sticks are very popular at organised vents and you will find that as soon as one person has one, everyone will want one.

As you would expect with Jordans Fireworks we only stock the best quality most reliable glow products. Our glow products are UK certified and have CE approval. The contents of our glow products are non-toxic and non-flammable. When you buy our glow sticks or lightropes please read the writing on the packaging fully.