Our range of additional items to supplement your firework display is quite extensive. From sparklers of all sizes to lightropes and glow sticks, Chinese lanterns as well popular additional fireworks such as Catherine Wheels and fountains.

Our sparklers can be bought in small quantities for a family firework party right up to bulk quantities for firework display organisers to re-sell and raise funds for their event. The same goes with the glow products we sell, they can be bought individually for personal use or in bulk packs.

Most firework displays these days concentrate on aerial fireworks and therefore we have a range of lower level fireworks that you can buy if you wish to supplement your display. We have small Catherine wheels and fountains are available for garden use as well as large powerful fountains and big Catherine wheels for display purposes.

You’ll also find in our additional items range items such as indoor fireworks and ice fountains. Indoor fireworks have made a return to the market after having not been available for several years. They are just as bad (or as good, depending on how you view them) as they always were, filling the house with smells and smoke but are great fun and always raise a laugh. Ice fountains are a recent addition to the indoor fireworks range and are really good. They can be inserted on a cake or even hand held and produce a shower of sparks lasting around a minute.

We also stock portfires for lighting fireworks and have the latest in remote control firing systems available at prices suitable for the general public.