Chinese Lanterns


Chinese lanterns have been in the news a lot over the last couple of years. Unfortunately there a lot of cheap poor performing lanterns on the market. We only keep the highest quality best performing Chinese Lanterns. Our lanterns are wire free, 100% biodegradable, easy to light, are made from flame retardant paper, have a non drip fuel cell and have up to 20 mins. flying time. As well as only stocking the best Chinese Lanterns we also have some of the most interesting designs. New this year is a multi-coloured rainbow design. Our range of Chinese lanterns comprise the traditional white variety along with a wide range of colours and designs such as the ‘smiley face’. Happy Birthday Chinese Lanterns are also available to give you something unusual to celebrate a birthday with.

We have personally tested various lanterns and we feel the range we stock are the best Chinese lanterns available. The instructions on the pack are extremely clear and simple. The fuel cells are the easiest to light fuel cells we have seen and can be lit quickly with a match or a lighter and the lanterns are soon ready to launch. Because the fuel cells in our lanterns are so good combined with good lantern construction and design our lanterns will easily fly for 20 minutes.

To help you get the best from your Chinese Lanterns please use only in calm weather conditions, use only in open spaces and not near to buildings, never use near airports, near pylons or overhead cables, don’t use them near anything that may catch fire such as dry crops and don’t use them in areas where they may be misinterpreted as a distress signal.