Barrages is a word that encompasses a wide range of fireworks, barrages are sometimes also known by the generic name of Roman candles.

A barrage firework consists of a number of tubes bundled together which contain aerial shells, and fire stars and other effects up to 100ft (30m) in to the sky. In a barrage, the number of tubes bundled together can range from just a handful to over 1000. Connected by a fuse, these tubes are designed to fire in a series, resulting in multiple shots firing at the same time.

How long will a barrage firework last?

Depending on the number of tubes and the number of shots contained within the tubes, a barrage firework can last from a few seconds to a number of minutes.

What effects will a barrage firework produce?

The effects that this type of firework produce is as varied as the sizes that they are available in. Barrage fireworks can produce all kinds of effects including quiet coloured stars and noisy stars with bangs/reports, they can also produce crackles, whistles and hummers to name but a few of the noises.

What other fireworks should barrages be used with?

At Jordans Fireworks, we sell barrage packs, which as the name suggests are a selection of barrages that will compliment each other. Barrage packs are an ideal basis for a fireworks display and can be used either on their own or combined with other types of fireworks such as rockets and wheels for a more general display.

Many of the larger barrages are also categorised as single ignition fireworks. Featuring a single fuse, these produce a mini firework display on their own. However, we tend to group single ignition fireworks separately, you can see these here.

In our barrage section, the products you will see below are fireworks which produce a distinct effect and are more suited for use in combination with other fireworks to provide a mixed display.

Barrage packs are as the name suggests a selection of barrages that will compliment each other.