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Zeus Fireworks Mini Gods Aerial/Cake Pack

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Zeus Fireworks Mini Gods Aerial/Cake Pack

£15.00 £30.00
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£15.00 £30.00

Mini Gods Aerial/Cake Pack by Zeus Fireworks. A pack of 3 seven shot aerial barrages.

Size = 100mm x 80mm x 80mm (each).


Approx. 10 secs. each 

Aerial barrages.


7 shots each.

8 metres

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Mini Gods Aerial/Cake Pack by Zeus Fireworks

Mini Gods by Zeus Fireworks are a pack of 3 mini sized aerial cake style fireworks. Don't think for one moment though that mini size means mini performance. The Mini Gods fireworks fire a nice variety of aerial effects and are a great addition to a garden firework display. Zeus fires gold tails to gold glitter and green tail to spinners. Athena fires silver tails to silver glitter with silver tails to crackling stars and Hades fires golden tails to gold brocade. Each firework lasts around 10 to 15 seconds and whilst not completely quiet they are not too noisy.

  • David & Sally's opinion - a lovely variety of lower noise fireworks that can be used in a garden.
  • Three different effect garden fireworks
  • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.
  • Not too noisy.
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