Small & medium-sized assorted firework selection boxes.

On this page you will find our selection boxes of fireworks. These boxes will contain assortments of many types of fireworks. Roman candles, fountains, Catherine wheels, mines and in many cases rockets.

You need to decide which pack is the most suitable for your garden. The smaller packs will have minimum viewing distances of 5m and 8m whereas the larger packs will contain some larger fireworks and will have a minimum viewing distance of 25m marked on the box. The smaller boxes will contain mainly lower-level fireworks and are more suitable for entertaining younger children. The larger the box, the larger the fireworks and our larger packs will contain fireworks more suitable for entertaining older children and adults.

Wizard Tricks Selection Box
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£24.99 £19.99
£37.99 £34.99
Fountain Pack
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£92.98 £59.99
Masquerade Selection Box
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£113.99 £99.99
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