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Masquerade Selection Box

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Masquerade Selection Box

£99.99 £113.99
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£99.99 £113.99

Masquerade Firework Selection Box by Jonathan's Fireworks with A garden display assortment

Size = 320mm x 720mm x 100mm (box)


Approx. 15 to 20 mins when lit one after another.

Garden firework assortment



8 metres

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Masquerade Firework Selection Box by Jonathan's Fireworks 

Masquerade is a new selection box from Jonathan's Fireworks. Jonathan's Fireworks selection boxes concentrate on a smaller number of better performing fireworks rather than a large number of lower level fountains. Masquerade contains a smaller number of more impressive fireworks, featuring a good mix of aerial and lower level fireworks.

Contents: 23 Fireworks consisting of:

4 x Rockets

2 x 8 Shot Candles

1 x 70 Shot Candle

2 x Wheel

2 x Twinkling Stars (35 seconds)

1 x Enchanted Forest (35 seconds)

1 x Sunset Surprise (60 seconds)

1 x Nukes of Hazard (55 seconds)

2 x Magical Moonlight (35 seconds)

1 x Aladdin's Cave (80 seconds)

1 x Fortune Fountain (35 seconds)

1 x 96 shot cake

1 x Volcanic Eruptions 16 shot cake

1 x 7 shot cake

1 x Lost World

1 x Haunted House

Masquerade contains all Category 2 fireworks which are tested for use at a minimum viewing distance of 8m, making Masquerade suitable for most back gardens.

    • David & Sally's opinion - A good selection of higher-performance garden fireworks..
    • Contains Rockets, Roman Candles, Cakes, Fountains and Catherine Wheels.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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