If you don’t have the space to have rockets in your firework display, (after all you do need a large area for spent rocket sticks and the heads from rockets to fall in to) then don’t worry, we have some great firework display packs that will still give you a spectacular aerial display.

Our firework display packs without rockets are made up of high quality aerial barrage and cake style fireworks. These fireworks will fire their effects from 50ft up to 100ft high, so even people standing a long way back will get to see the display. The debris from these type of fireworks is very minimal, usually just paper and cardboard is all they produce. However the size of the displays they produce is quite considerable. Some of these fireworks fire several shots simultaneously in a fan shape across the sky, so literally do give sky filling performance.

Not only do we have packs of this style for use where there is not sufficient space for the fallout of rocket sticks but we also have firework display packs containing high quality aerial fireworks that can be used in smaller areas. Most of the aerial packs will have a minimum viewing distance of 25m but you will find some that have been tested to the new European standard and have a minimum viewing distance of just 8m. You will find now low level poor performing fireworks in these packs, (even the lesser viewing distance ones) just high quality mid-aerial fireworks.

Serenity Low Noise Fountain Pack
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Fountain Pack
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Vulcan Pyrotechnics Fury Pack
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Voyager Triple Pack - FREE DELIVERY
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Beat Thy Neighbour

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£199.99 £124.99
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Top of the World - SPECIAL OFFER
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Mystery Barrage Pack
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Compound X
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Maximum Showtime

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