Low Noise Pack

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Low Noise Pack

£150.00 £182.23
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£150.00 £182.23

Low Noise Pack New for 2019 An assortment of 12 low noise fireworks.

Size = various


Approx. 10 mins when lit one after each other.

Mixed Display



8 metres

- +

Low Noise Pack

We have an increasing number of requests in recent years for quieter fireworks and in response to those requests we have produced a 'Low Noise Pack'. These are not silent fireworks, all fireworks make some noise so you will find the odd crackle in our Low Noise assortment but we have kept the noise level to a minimum whilst keeping the entertainment level up high.

Some quieter fireworks can, to be frank quite boring, hence we have selected not only quieter fireworks for our pack but ones we feel give the best displays.

Our Low Noise Pack contains a mixture of fountains and mid-aerial multi-shot barrages. We've not included rockets by default as we know they will be noisier but we have a special deal if you want to add on a pack of not too noisy rockets.


1 x Jorge Cone (asstd effects) - watch video

1 x Skull Fountain - watch video

1 x Britannia Waves - watch video

1 x 25 shot Fish & Chips - watch video

1 x 25 shot Mad as a Box of Frogs - watch video

1 x 50 shot Silent Nite - watch video

1 x 25 shot Nite Tails - watch video

1 x 280 shot Illusion Roman candle - watch video

1 x 19 shot Comet Sky - watch video

1 x 30 shot Fishes & seahorses - watch video

1 x Spectrum Fountain - watch video

1 x Batman Roman Candle

Portfire fireworks lighters & instructions.

    • David & Sally's opinion - An ideal pack where the noise level is critical but still an entertaining assortment.
    • A few crackles but mainly colours.
    • Ideal for pre and primary schools.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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