About Jordans Fireworks

Established in 1968, Jordans Fireworks grew out of Jordans family sweet shop in Leamington Spa.

Initially, we sold small fireworks for the public to enjoy in their back gardens. Today, we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fireworks, whilst still continuing to be family-owned.

We have an in-store showroom, which is open all year round, and we deliver throughout the mainland UK.

We regularly check the internet to make sure our prices & service are the most competitive available. We have come across competitors advertising prices lower than ours HOWEVER when they have been pressed about availability often there has been an excuse as to why they then can't offer that product at the price they advertising it at, so their offer has not been all it first appeared to be. We think you'll find our prices as low, if not lower than elsewhere on the internet and we deliver daily (Mon - Fri) across the UK.

Supplying all kinds of fireworks, we cater for events both large and small and extensively test fireworks to ensure we have the very best range. Our buying power means we are able to pass on many special offers and savings to our customers. In particular, our half-price sale and buy one, get one free offers are renowned for offering the best products at the lowest prices. Whether you are looking for quiet fireworks for a small garden display or noisy fireworks for a large Bonfire Night or New Year firework display, our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to advise you on the best fireworks for your budget. Firework News & Articles Check out all our latest news and articles on our blog 'The bang'