Rockets add that something ‘extra’ to any firework display. The ‘whoosh’ as they leave the launching tube and then the expectant wait for the explosion are all part of traditional firework nights. If you have the space for the spent rocket sticks and rocket head casings to fall, then our complete rocket display packs contain a well balanced mix of high quality aerial fireworks. We find these days that aerial fireworks are by far the most popular style so our complete rocket display packs do not contain any low level fountains or Catherine Wheels. If you would like to add either of those types of firework to your display then you can easily do so by selecting them from our ‘Set Pieces & Fountains’ page.

When making up our rocket display packs we select the best value for money fireworks for each particular display’s price point. By spending many hours trying different combinations, we can select fireworks with effects that compliment each other, rather than lots of the same style of effect.

When selecting the rockets for our display packs, we concentrate on a smaller number of larger more impressive rockets rather than lots of smaller poor performing ones.

As with all of our complete firework display packs, our packs that contain rockets come with a set up plan and firing order, showing you how to set up each firework, where to place it in your display area. This enables you to put on a smooth running, professional looking firework display.

£322.87 £199.99
Super Nova Display
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£407.86 £249.99
Apollo Display Pack
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£462.91 £299.99
Columbia Display Pack
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£613.95 £399.99
Voyager Display
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£781.91 £499.99
Enterprise Display Pack
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£1,010.85 £599.99
Aurora Display Pack
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£1,156.87 £699.99
Galaxy Display Pack
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£1,285.87 £799.99
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