At Jordans Fireworks, we stock a fantastic range of display firework packs and selection boxes.

Whether you are looking to put on a fireworks display lasting around 20 minutes for your family or friends, or you are looking for the fireworks for an organised event, then there will be a complete firework display pack or selection box here for you.

Our Display Packs and Selection Boxes

Our display firework packs and selection boxes are made up of carefully selected fireworks which complement each other to give you a ready-made selection for your display. Rather than putting these together based on the number of fireworks in the pack, or the number of shots that these produce, we always choose the fireworks based on the quality of the display they will produce.

Our range includes small selection boxes for a garden display, through to large display packs suited to an organised public event. With a comprehensive range available, we have firework packs available to suit any budget.

Across our range of display packs and selection boxes, you will find everything from fountains, Roman candles, cakes, wheels and rockets bundled together to create the best possible display.

Why Choose Display Firework Packs?

The ultimate reason to choose a display firework pack is knowing you will have purchased fireworks which have been tried and tested to produce a spectacular display. With our firework packs, the emphasis is always on quality, not quantity.

Would you prefer to see ten poor performing low-level fireworks or one large firework that will produce a spectacular aerial display?

Likewise, would you prefer a firework that fires 100s of small stars that just fizzle out, or a firework that fires 50 stars that burst with huge sky filling effects?

You can see straight away that quantity is not everything. People get bored and frustrated with poor fireworks but will enjoy and remember good fireworks.

Full Blown Firework Finales

The choice of fireworks which go into our firework packs is only part of the equation. If you use your best fireworks first, your finale will be a bit of an anti-climax. With our larger firework packs (those over £100) we also include a setup plan and firing order, which will assist you in knowing where to place your fireworks and how to let them off.

Also growing in popularity, particularly for New Year’s Eve, birthday parties and weddings, are our short spectacular displays. Within these boxes, there are a small number of large rockets, plus a small number of single ignition fireworks. These fireworks give you the most spectacular displays and are ideal for ending an event with.

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