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Maximum Showtime

£199.99 £329.99
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Maximum Showtime

£199.99 £329.99
In Stock -
£199.99 £329.99

Maximum Showtime Display Kit by Brothers Pyrotechnics. 

This firework contains 3 fireworks and the fuses are already joined together so you only have to light one fuse for a complete display.

Size = 800mm x 290mm x 200mm


2mins. 30 seconds approx. in total.

Vertical & Fan effect combination display.


233 shots in total.

25 metres

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Maximum Showtime Display Kit by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Maximum Showtime by Brothers Pyrotechnics is made up of three large fireworks which are already fused together so you only have to light one fuse to get a firework display lasting around two and a half minutes. The fireworks in the Maximum Showtime Display Kit get larger as the display progresses and this kit would make an ideal finale for a large display or a short spectacular display for a wedding or birthday etc.

Save even more with our multi buy 3 x Maximum Showtime £550.00

    • David & Sally's opinion - Out of larger Brothers Pyrotechnics compound fireworks (fireworks that are fused together) we prefer Maximum Showtime as whilst not quiet by any means it does have more colourful displays.
    • 233 shots in total over three fireworks.
    • Duration approx. two and a half minutes.
    • Ideal firework kit for New Year, weddings etc.
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