Zeus Fireworks

Zeus Fireworks Icon Barrage Firework

£199.99 £230.00
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Zeus Fireworks Icon Barrage Firework

£199.99 £230.00
In Stock -
£199.99 £230.00

Icon Barrage Firework by Zeus Fireworks.

Size = 810mm x 210mm x 190mm.


Approx. 100 seconds

Compound vertical & fan firing aerial barrage.


209 shots

20 metres

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Icon Barrage Firework by Zeus Fireworks

Icon by Zeus Fireworks provides a truly professional style display by the lighting of just one fuse.  Icon fires a mixture of vertical and fan-shaped effects for more than a minute and a half.

Icon is a multi-level firework, some of its effects are mine lifts which provide a display from ground level up to mid-aerial heigh and whilst this effect is being fired higher level starburst effects burst above.

Three large fireworks make up Icon and are all fused together for you. Icon fires a total of 209 shots and in keeping with all the large Compound Fireworks by Zeus, it comes packed in a pyromesh carton meaning you get high-performance pyro with any of the storage problems associated with this type of firework.

  • David & Sally's opinion - High-quality effects throughout this professional style firework.
  • 209 shots fired from 20mm tubes.
  • Minimum viewing distance = 20m.
  • Vertical & fan effects.