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400mm Gold Sparklers (10 packs of 5)

£14.99 £19.90
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400mm Gold Sparklers (10 packs of 5)

£14.99 £19.90
In Stock -
£14.99 £19.90

10 packs of 5 traditional gold sparklers 400mm long,

giving you 50 sparklers in total.


Approx 90 seconds each.





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400mm long Gold Sparklers (10 packs of 5 sparklers)

400mm long sparklers. These are a longer sparkler and are popular due to the length they burn for longer than the 10" long sparklers. Each sparkler lasts around 90 seconds and the gold variety do give off a better 'sparkle', so you have plenty of time to write your name with them. Try taking some photos with a long time exposure, you'll get some very interesting effects. Ten packs will give you 50 sparklers in total is is quite a saving on the price of an individual packet of sparklers.

  • Ten packs of five 400mm gold sparklers giving you a total of 50 sparklers.
  • Use under adult supervision
  • Not to be given to children under 5 years old
  • Wear gloves when handling sparklers
  • Have an enclosed area for sparklers to be used at, do not let people wander amongst a crowd holding sparklers.
  • Have a bucket of water to drop used sparklers in to, do not just drop them on the ground.
  • Remember a sparkler wire is still extremely hot even after the sparkler has finished.
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