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Aerial Barrage Assortment

£249.99 £347.99
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Aerial Barrage Assortment

£249.99 £347.99
In Stock -
£249.99 £347.99

Aerial Barrage Assortment. A mixture of 9 aerial fireworks.

Size = Various.


Approx. 6 mins if fired one after another continuously

Vertical and fan firing aerial barrage assortment


313 shots in total.

8 metres

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Aerial Barrage Firework Pack

This aerial firework barrage pack is something special. As with all our firework packs, you only find the best fireworks in their class and our Aerial Barrage Pack contains nine high-performance fireworks. You can use this pack on its own or combine it with other types of fireworks, such as rockets to create a mixed display.


1 x Devils Fire - Large Coloured bursts with an inbuilt finale (30 seconds, 25 shots.)

1 x Monster Mash - Large Coloured bursts with Coloured Mines and 5 shot finale ! (30 seconds, 25 shots.)

1 x Shanghai Cyclones - Red Tail to Silver Spinners to Large Silver Bursts, a very unique effect. (43 seconds, 16 shots).

1 x Fishes & Seahorses - Light Crackling Tails to Silver Fish in a Blue Sea changing to White Strobe then Brocade Horse Tail with inbuilt finale (30 shots, 47 seconds).

1 x Dizzy Dinosaur- Brocade bursts with blue, red & green stars ( 36 shots, 50 seconds).

1 x Mighty Crowns - Brocade Crown Tail to Red Chrysanthemum to Brocade Crown Time Rain finale (30 seconds, 19 shots).

1 x Willow Trees - Huge Crackling Willow Cascading bursts with inbuilt finale (30 seconds, 19 shots).

1 x Space Detonation - Silver Strobe Mines to Red Palm, Green Palm Tree, Yellow and Time Rain (55 seconds, 25 shots).

1 x Triple Attack - Fanned barrage and upright effects producing large coloured bursts with Triple Action Fans to create a huge spread across the sky (32 seconds, 21 shots).

    • David & Sally's opinion - Highly recommended, probably the best assortment of mid-sized fireworks available.
    • All aerial display pack.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.