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Saturn Missiles 200 shots

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Saturn Missiles 200 shots

£19.99 £22.00
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£19.99 £22.00

Saturn Missiles by Vulcan Fireworks. 

A 200 shot whistling mini-missile cake.

Size = 450mm x 60mm x 75mm.


Approx. 40 seconds.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


200 shots.

8 metres

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Saturn Missiles cake by Vulcan Fireworks


Saturn Missiles is a 200 shot missile cake by Vulcan Fireworks. The mini-missiles are little whistling torpedoes that fire into the sky. The duration of Saturn Missiles is approx. 40 seconds and gives you an alternative type of aerial firework compared to most of the colour burst cake fireworks, so is an ideal addition to a medium sized mixed firework display.


    • David & Sally's opinion - If you like whistles, then Saturn Missiles is for you!

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