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Awakening 266 shot Display Pack

£299.99 £379.99
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Awakening 266 shot Display Pack

£299.99 £379.99
In Stock -
£299.99 £379.99

Awakening 266 shot Display Pack.

Size = 800mm x 350mm x 240mm (box size).


Approx. 2 mins in total

Vertical & fan firing - 3 fireworks pre-fused


266 shots

25 metres

- +

Awakening 266 shot Display Pack by Absolute/Quantum Fireworks

Awakening is pre-fused together so you only have to light one fuse for the complete display.

This huge compound firework from Absolute Fireworks is back! The three pre-fused fireworks that make up the Awakening produce a display lasting well over 2 minutes and its outstanding effects with its mix of straight and fanned firing patterns make this one of the most impressive giant fireworks available in the UK.

The tubes in the fireworks in the Awakening Display Pack range from 20mm up to 30mm so as well as creating a variety of colours and effects the size of the display increases as the display progresses.

    • David & Sally's opinion - We like the quality of the colours and effects we find in Absolute Fireworks products. We particularly like the finale shot in Awakening, you think it's going to be a fan shape and it surprises you with a spectacular vertically fired display.
    • The total duration of all three fireworks is over 2 minutes.
    • Comprises of 266 shots.
    • Vertical and fan sequences.