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Celebrate Single Ignition Firework.

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Celebrate Single Ignition Firework.

£64.99 £84.99
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£64.99 £84.99

Celebrate 68 shot single ignition (single fuse) firework

Size = 270mm x 225mm x 180mm


Approx. 45 seconds.

Vertical firing single ignition


68 shots

25 metres

- +

Celebrate Single Ignition Firework

Celebrate is a 68 shot single ignition by Standard Fireworks. Standard Fireworks were the first company to introduce the single ignition style firework into the UK back in 1999 ready for the Millennium celebrations. Since then there have been many pretenders to the throne so it is nice to see Standard Fireworks produce a single ignition firework in the vain of the original ones.

Celebrate fires all its shots vertically so is ideal if you are limited in widthwise with your display area. The primary effects of Celebrate are cascading shell bursts and puffball chrysanthemums all of different colours. The display commences with steadily fired shots but then the rate increases for the finale with three salvos fired in rapid succession.

    • David & Sally's opinion - We liked the finale section best, you get a salvo of shots all fired very rapidly and you think that that is it but you then get two further salvos. A no-nonsense good value for money finale firework.
    • Good sized shell-bursts throughout the display.
    • Good pace throughout the display with a surprise finale.


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