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£69.99 £79.99
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£69.99 £79.99

Prism by Zeus Fireworks.

Size = 300mm x 300mm x 160mm.


Approx. 50 seconds. 

Vertical and fan firing aerial barrage.


120 shots

25 metres

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Prism 120 shot aerial barrage by Zeus Fireworks

Prism by Zeus Fireworks is a 120 shot mixed effect aerial firework with various firing patterns.

When selecting fireworks we are always on the lookout for something different. We see so many fireworks that are similar to each other but Prism by Zeus Fireworks is certainly not in that category, in fact, we don't think we have ever seen a single firework with as many different firing patterns as Prism.

Prism starts off with fan bursts of the wriggling fish effect followed by vertically fired crackling bursts, then there is a rapid salvo of shots to end that sequence. Prism then moves on to fire both vertical and 'V' formation bursts before a sequence of vertically fired coloured bursts culminating in a final salvo of golden cascading stars with a crackle effect.

    • David & Sally's opinion - You just don't know what to expect next from this fantastic firework.
    • Duration around 50 seconds
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.
    • Great variety of effects and firing patterns.

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