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6 x Absolute Fireworks Steel Tigers

£150.00 £209.94
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6 x Absolute Fireworks Steel Tigers

£150.00 £209.94
In Stock -
£150.00 £209.94

6 x Steel Tigers 20 shot by Absolute Fireworks.

Size = T.B.A.


Approx. 20 seconds.each

Vertical firing barrage.


20 shots each

8 metres

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6 x Steel Tigers 20 shot by Absolute Fireworks

This multi-buy discount pack enables the layering of fireworks to create a showstopping display whilst saving you money!

Each Steel Tigers is a new variety of the popular brocade effect style of firework. The brocade effect is the one that has gold stars cascading towards the ground after bursting at a great height and is one of the most popular effects we get asked for. Steel Tigers fires the golden cascading stars but adds various colours to the bursts and for the last few shots also includes some crackles.

Each Steel Tigers has 20 shots and they are all fired from 30mm tubes, which are the largest diameter tubes permitted in a consumer firework of this type, so with Steel Tigers, you are getting bursts as big as those in the largest consumer cake style fireworks.

Steel Tigers has been classified as a garden firework so can be viewed at a minimum distance of 8m but as the bursts are so large this firework is also suitable for use in a large display.

    • David & Sally's opinion - A new variation of a popular effect featuring some lovely colours and our money saving multi-buys further reduce the already discounted price!
    • 6 Large burst garden fireworks
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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