Super Six Display Pack

£225.00 £334.94
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Super Six Display Pack

£225.00 £334.94
In Stock -
£225.00 £334.94

Super Six. New contents for 2021 Save over £100 off msrp.

A pack of 6 high quality large aerial fireworks.


About 5 minutes in total

Vertical & fan firing aerial barrages


459 in total

25 metres

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Super Six Display Pack

The Super Six display pack contains six high-performance aerial fireworks chosen by us. We carefully select the fireworks that make up the Super Six pack to ensure that they compliment each other. This means that you get a nice balance of vertical and fan firing fireworks and a nice mix of colours and noise. We use the fireworks in our Super Six pack in some of our largest complete displays. This version contains new fireworks to ensure that this pack remains at the forefront regarding display quality. You can use this pack on its own for a short spectacular display or combine it with other fireworks to make a much larger, longer lasting display.

  • David & Sally's opinion - We spend a lot of time choosing the fireworks for this pack. If you have a budget of £225 and want a small selection of larger fireworks, then this is the pack we recommend.
  • 1 x Codebreaker 56 shots
  • 1 x Brothers 50 shot barrage 
  • 1 x Oblivion 120 shots
  • 1 x Pegasus 85 shots - watch video
  • 1 x Witchcraft 100 shots
  • 1 x Athena 48 shots
  • 3 x portfires

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