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10" Gold Sparklers 72 Packs (360 sparklers)

£64.99 £85.68
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10" Gold Sparklers 72 Packs (360 sparklers)

£64.99 £85.68
In Stock -
£64.99 £85.68

10" long gold sparklers 72 packs

360 sparklers


50 secs. approx. each

Hand held sparkler




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10" long Gold Sparklers (72 Packs - 360 sparklers)

10" long sparklers. These sparklers are obviously 10" long, they are still often known as Giant Sparklers as before the days of super-sizing everything this was a big sparkler. We now have 18" long sparklers but the 10" sparklers are still the most popular size for groups wanting to re-sell a pack of sparklers at their event. The gold variety does not produce smoke and gives by far the best sparkle. A typical price that these sparklers can be re-sold at is around £1 to £2 per packet. This bulk carton of sparklers contains 72 packets and each packet contains 5 sparklers so it is an ideal pack for a large organised event.

It is hard to get children to hold sparklers still for their duration so that they can be filmed (in this case, they last just under a minute each), hence the video ends at around 30 seconds.

    • A bulk pack of 10" gold sparklers. 72 packets of 5 giving you 360 individual sparklers
    • Use under adult supervision
    • Not to be given to children under 5 years old
    • Wear gloves when handling sparklers
    • Have an enclosed area for sparklers to be used at, do not let people wander amongst a crowd holding sparklers.
    • Have a bucket of water to drop used sparklers in to, do not just drop them on the ground.
    • Remember a sparkler wire is still extremely hot even after the sparkler has finished.
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