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A well-established supplier to our extensive range of fireworks, Absolute Fireworks are Scotland’s premier fireworks manufacturer.

Based in Glasgow, they have been established for over ten years and have quickly gained a reputation for producing spectacular garden fireworks which deliver beautiful visual effects and are tested for a viewing distance of 8m.

Renowned for consistently developing new effects to expand their offering, Absolute Fireworks ensure their products are always exciting.

Whilst in our opinion, their mesh boxing is probably the finest available and is certainly a lot easier to open than many.

Discover the Absolute Fireworks range, which includes rocket packs, display packs, Catherine wheels, fountains and single ignition fireworks.

£19.99 £16.99
Silent Nite
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£39.99 £34.99
£154.99 £139.99
Completely Compound Pack 1
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£1,449.97 £999.99
Completely Compound Pack 2
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£2,232.94 £1,499.99
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