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High Impact 244 shot Display Pack

£199.99 £219.99
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High Impact 244 shot Display Pack

£199.99 £219.99
In Stock -
£199.99 £219.99

244 shot High Impact Display Firework. 

Six fireworks pre-fused together so you only have to light one fuse for the display.

Size = Overall size 495mm x 380mm x 200mm


Approx. 4 mins.

Vertical firing aerial barrage.


244 shots in total.

8 metres

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High Impact Display Pack

High Impact is an impressive compound firework with a duration of approx. 4 minutes and features a variety of colours and effects in its all vertical display.  It contains six fireworks all pre-fused together rather than one giant one and is categorised as suitable for use in a garden (minimum viewing distance = 8m), but if you are putting on a large firework display don't be put off by the 8m distance on the label as it puts on a great show.

  • David & Sally's opinion - All vertical firing cakes make this pack ideal for those who want spectacular fireworks but have limited space. We like the variety of noisy and quiet effects as well as the variation in the rate of firing.
  • 244 shots in total.
  • Minimum viewing distance of 8m.