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Special Offers

Our cheap fireworks section covers our special offers and reduced price products. However, we sell the best in fireworks, so you won’t be disappointed in their performance.

Buy quality at a reduced price

With all the testing of fireworks we do we find that cheap poor performing fireworks are not even worth their cheap price. With our buying power, as one of the leading suppliers of fireworks direct to the public, we negotiate deals with the leading firework manufacturers to get their best fireworks at the lowest prices possible. We also get extra special deals on ends of runs of certain fireworks and excess stock that importers may be holding, but again only on quality fireworks.

As soon as a firework season has ended i.e. November 5th we will approach firework manufacturers and importers to see if they have had any orders cancelled or are holding more stock than they would wish to. We find we can then pick up the best deals and with our storage facility we have the ability to buy that stock and store it ready for when our customers want to buy it.

Fireworks Sale

Every Spring we hold a firework sale offering once only deals on the fireworks we have managed to purchase at extra special discounts that particular year. Customers can then take advantage of our extra cheap prices but they do not have to take delivery of their fireworks until they wish to do so, we store their orders for them free of charge.

Obviously we hold some extra special offers up our sleeve for the busiest times of the year. Our display packs contain only the finest fireworks in their class and yet are offered at huge discounts off the price of those fireworks bought individually. Our cheap fireworks range is low in price, high in quality.

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  • Gold and Silver Cobra

    RRP: £27.98

    Special Price £13.99

    Gold & Silver Cobra Cones

    Gold and Silver Cobra Fountains by Benwell Fireworks 2017 Spring Sale...
  • Trail Blazer Rockets

    RRP: £49.99

    Special Price £24.98

    Trail Blazer Rocket Pack

    Trail Blazer Rocket Pack by Jigsaw Fireworks 8 high perforamance r...
  • Pegasus rockets

    RRP: £79.99

    Special Price £34.99

    Pegasus Rocket Pack.

    Pegasus Rockets.  2017 Spring Sale Deal. Size = 60mm (head diam...
  • Galactic Battle

    RRP: £79.99

    Special Price £34.99

    Galactic Battle

    Galactic Battle by Benwell Fireworks 2017 Spring Sale Deal. A rapid ...
  • Devils Delight Firework

    RRP: £75.00

    Special Price £39.98

    Devil's Delight Quiet Single Ignition

    Devil's Delight (quiet) 105 shot Single Ignition. Size = 380mm x 130m...
  • Dragon rockets

    RRP: £100.00

    Special Price £39.98

    Dragon Rocket Pack.

    Dragon Double Break rockets.  2017 Spring Sale Deal. Size = 60m...
  • Arcadia

    RRP: £79.99

    Special Price £39.98


    Arcadia by Black Cat Fireworls 2017 Spring sale Deal. A rapid firing...
  • Air Force Rockets

    RRP: £79.99

    Special Price £39.98

    Air Force Rocket Pack

    Air Force Rocket Pack by Jigsaw Fireworks 2017 Spring Sale Deal. Bo...
  • Fruity 25 shot

    RRP: £50.96

    Special Price £40.00

    Fruity 25 shot cake assortment

    3 x 25 shot Fruity assortment aerial barrages (Chirpy Cherries, Leapin...
  • Triangle Cake Pack

    RRP: £107.88

    Special Price £44.99

    Triangle Cake Mix

    Triangle Cake Mix by Benwell Fireworks. (12 cakes). 2017 Spring Sale ...
  • Phoenix rockets.

    RRP: £119.99

    Special Price £49.99

    Phoenix Rocket Pack

    Phoenix Triple Break rockets.  2017 Spring Sale Deal. Size = 60...
  • Thors Revenge firework

    RRP: £100.00

    Special Price £49.99

    Thor's Revenge (Buy 1 get 1 FREE)

    Buy 1 Get 1 FREE. Thor's Revenge by Fireworks International 49 shot ...

Items 1 to 12 of 22 total

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