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Black Hawk Rockets (Bulk Pack)

£179.99 £299.94
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Black Hawk Rockets (Bulk Pack)

£179.99 £299.94
In Stock -
£179.99 £299.94

Black Hawk Rocket Pack. (Bulk Pack). 30 high performance flash powder rockets.

Size = 60mm diameter (head) x 120mm (inc stick).


Approx. 5 secs. each




25 metres

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Black Hawk Rockets (Bulk Pack - contains 30 rockets)

Black Hawk Rockets are one of our most eagerly anticipated new products from Black Cat Fireworks. Black Cat's rockets have always been phenomenal performers, in particular, their little Jester rocket which outperforms rockets costing three times as much. So you can imagine when Black Cat Fireworks announced they were going to produce a large 'Flash' rocket called Black Hawk we got our order in for them straight away. A 'Flash' rocket will produce a louder bang and larger break of stars than a comparable black powder rocket although on the shelf it will look no larger and in many cases smaller.

The Bulk Pack of Black Hawk rockets come in a special pyromesh carton which means you can have these powerful rockets without any of the problems normally associated with 1.3G fireworks (particularly important for organisers of large displays).

As we have found with all Black Cat's rockets don't be fooled by their size, we expect Black Hawk rockets to be amongst the best pound for pound rockets available.

This is a bulk pack of 30 Black Hawk Rockets primarily for organisers of large displays if you want to buy a pack of 5 you can do so but we cannot deliver a single pack it would have to be collected from our Leamington Spa store - click here for details.

    • David & Sally's opinion - We have this pack for large displays as it gives you a large number of high-quality rockets without costing a fortune.
    • 6 x Gold willow to red stars.
    • 6 x Gold willow to blue stars.
    • 6 x Gold willow to titanium chrysanthemum.
    • 6 x Brocade (cascading stars) to green stars.
    • 6 x Brocade (cascading stars) to purple stars.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.


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