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Ad Astra

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Ad Astra

£59.99 £84.99
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£59.99 £84.99

Ad Astra Single Ignition by Black Cat Fireworks.

Size = 225mm x 292mm x 120mm


Approx. 60 seconds

Vertical & Fan firing Single Ignition


108 shots

25 metres

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Ad Astra by Black Cat Fireworks.

Ad Astra is a 108 shot Single Ignition Firework by Black Cat Fireworks. Ad Astra has a powerful start with large golden willow bursts with flecks of green, then red palm shots with glitter. A sensational V shaped fan firing of green glitter mine is next. Other featured shots in Ad Astra include green palm bursts with red glitter, brocade bursts with flecks of blue and silver crackle. Ad Astra has a breathtaking finale of green glitter mine, bursts of red palm with glitter with a final brocade flourish. 

David & Sally's opinion:

  • Good variety of effects and firing patterns in this single ignition from Black Cat Fireworks.
  • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.