Whilst fountains and set piece or rotating fireworks have become less popular with large displays in recent years we love them and search for the best of these types of fireworks to have in our range. Our cone fountains are truly awesome. The large display cones produce showers of sparks up to 30ft/10m high. If several are placed in a line they create an unforgettable cascading effect. Even our garden cones are quite spectacular and provide a different style of display compared to the common aerial barrage type fireworks.

Customer’s experiences of the traditional Catherine Wheel type firework tend to be based on the small variety contained in a small garden firework assortment box. Often this firework produced the biggest laugh of the evening as it spluttered in to life and invariably had to be hit with a stick to get it to spin. However they are still a great favourite with young and old alike and are fondly remembered.

As with all our fireworks we undertake a lot of testing with Catherine Wheels and any poor performers get quickly dropped from our range. Our individual Catherine Wheels feature changes of effects and colours and all have surprisingly long duration’s. You do need to have a post at least 6ft/2m tall for a Catherine Wheel type firework but it is well worth the work involved so add that little bit of something different to your display.