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Glittering Fire 3 Minute Fountain

£11.99 £15.99
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Glittering Fire 3 Minute Fountain

£11.99 £15.99
In Stock -
£11.99 £15.99

Glittering Fire by Standard Fireworks. A long lasting garden fountain firework.

Size = 145mm x 125mm x 150mm


3 mins (approximately)

Garden Fountain



8 metres

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Glittering Fire

Glittering Fire is a long lasting fountain by Standard Fireworks that has become extremely popular over the last few years due to its long duration of around 3 minutes. Glittering Fire is a multi-effect fountain and has several changes of effect including multi-coloured flames, titanium rain, crackles and red & green stars. 

There are no loud bangs in Glittering Fire but there are some crackles so it is not all quiet. Glittering Fire has been tested for use in a garden and has a minimum viewing distance of 8 metres.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Probably one of the best garden fireworks available. Lasting over 3 minutes it is almost a display in itself, and only £11.99!
    • Lasts approximately 3 minutes.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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