Probably the greatest advance in fireworks in recent years has been the single ignition display firework. They are commonly known by various names; single fuse, display in a box, single light but they all relate to the same type of firework.

Single ignition display fireworks are as the name suggests an aerial firework display where you just light one fuse. There is a limit to how large these fireworks can be so you are not going to get a 20 minute firework display. On average most of the single ignition fireworks last around one to two minutes but that is a constant aerial display and most people watching one think it has lasted longer than it actually has.

Single Ignition Display Fireworks

The best single ignition displays have well choreographed effects. Commencing with an initial flurry of stars or loud effects to get everyone’s attention, then settling down to various changes of colours and effects for the middle section of the display and finally building up to a crescendo, so that everyone knows that it is over.

Some single ignition displays fire their effects vertically, which can be an important consideration if you do not have much width to let your fireworks off in. Other single ignition fireworks fire their effects in a fan shape across the sky.

As there are so many different single ignition fireworks available you can combine several together to produce a spectacular aerial display and yet have very few fuses to light. A selection of say five fireworks could easily give a display lasting around 10 minutes, yet the preparation and letting off of the fireworks is comparatively simple compared to letting off lots of smaller fireworks and because of the lack of delays between each firework, the overall effect will be much more spectacular.

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