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Rip Roaring

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Rip Roaring

£69.99 £97.98
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£69.99 £97.98

Rip Roaring 2 x 50 shot single ignitions

Size = 260mm x 130mm x 170mm each.


25-30 secs. each

Vertical firing barrage


50 shots (each)

8 metres

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Rip Roaring Twin Pack of Fireworks

Rip Roaring is a twin pack of 50 shot fireworks by Brothers Pyrotechnics. Each firework produces a different display so you can fire them one after each other without duplicating the effects. The shots in Rip and Roaring are fired from 20mm diameter tubes so produce a good sized burst. Each firework has a duration of around 25 seconds so you can appreciate and see in the video that these fireworks produce an intense display.

Rip Roaring have now been tested to comply with the European firework regulations and they now fall in the garden firework category which makes them suitable for viewing from at least 8 metres. Obviously, Rip Roaring are good enough fireworks to have in much larger displays and we would have no hesitation in including them in displays costing several hundreds of pounds.

  • David & Sally's opinion - Now these fireworks are classed as garden fireworks it has made them suitable for practically everyone and incredibly popular. If you are having a back garden party and want some impressive fireworks make sure you have these.
    • 50 shots per firework.
      • Manufactured by Brothers Pyrotechnics.

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