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Witches Warning

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Witches Warning

£29.99 £59.99
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£29.99 £59.99

Witches Warning 50 shot Aerial Barrage.

Size = 260mm x 130mm x 180mm


Approx. 25 seconds

Vertical firing aerial barrage


50 shots

8 metres

- +

Witches Warning  - Skycrafter brand by Brothers Pyrotechnics.


Witches Warning is a 50 shot Barrage by Brothers Pyrotechnics under their Skycrafter label. Witches Warning begins with stunning large gold brocade bursts with blue stars. Witches Warning also features whistle effects at periodic intervals, peppered between the lovely blue and gold vertical shots. Witches Warning finishes with a final flourish of gold and blue. 

David & Sally's opinion:

  • Lovely blue stars with the brocade bursts and added noise with the whistles.
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