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£39.99 £59.99
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£39.99 £59.99

Vengeance single ignition firework.

Size = 360mm x 260mm x 180mm


Approx. 55 seconds

Fan firing single ignition. 


55 shots in total

25 metres

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Vengeance by Standard Fireworks

Vengeance is from Standard Fireworks. Standard Fireworks were the originators of the original single ignition firework displays in a box in the UK and Vengeance carries on that tradition. With a duration just under a minute Vengeance fires a wide variety of effects in a fan shape across the sky, commencing with quiet wriggling tadpole stars, then beautiful golden starbursts, red and white crackling starbursts, gold palm tree-shaped bursts and a finale salvo of crackling stars. No wonder it's one of our best selling fireworks.

Vengeance does have a minimum viewing distance of 25 metres and with the wide fan-shaped bursts it won't hurt if you are further back so that you can take in the full view of the display without having to strain your neck.

  • David & Sally's opinion - Vengeance continues to be one of our best sellers and in our opinion and is great value at £39.98.
  • 55 shot single ignition firework.
  • Quiet and noisy effects in one firework.

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