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Trident Triple Pack

£134.99 £169.99
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Trident Triple Pack

£134.99 £169.99
In Stock -
£134.99 £169.99

Trident Triple Pack Overall size 175mm x 420mm x 600mm 3 xsingle ignition style large aerial barrages

1 x 28 shot, 1 x 112 shot & 1 x 70 shot


Approx. 2 min 30 secs. in total

Vertical & Fan effect single ignitions


210 in total

25 metres

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Trident Triple Pack


Trident Triple Pack is one of our best selling barrage packs containing 3 assorted effect single ignition size fireworks from Standard Fireworks. This pack of fireworks is extremely good value for money and is an ideal add-on for any large firework display. Our buying power with Standard Fireworks means that we can offer the Trident Triple Pack at £35 off the retail price, making this pack even better value for money.

    • David & Sally's opinion - This pack has been one of the 'finds' of recent years. Value for money you can't beat this pack, we've seen individual fireworks at this price not as good as the largest firework in the Trident pack.
    • One of our most popular packs since 2014.
    • Trident Triple Pack fires a total of 210 shots over 3 large fireworks.
    • Swing Fire 28 shot single ignition, duration approx. 44 secs.
    • Star Streak 112 shot single ignition, duration approx. 47 secs.
    • Storm Shadow 70 shot single ignition, duration approx. 75 secs.

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