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Surprise and New World

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Surprise and New World

£55.99 £79.99
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£55.99 £79.99

Surprise & New World A mixed pack of two 50 shot cakes.

Size = 250mm x 125mm x 175mm (each)


Approx. 30 seconds each.

Vertical firing aerial barrages.


50 shots

8 metres

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Surprise and New World 50 shot cakes by Brothers Pyrotechnics

Surprise is a 50 shot aerial barrage by Brothers Pyrotechnics. The starbursts in Surprise are a dark pink/red in colour and hence Surprise would be suitable as a gender reveal firework. Alternatively, Surprise would be good in a large display where a sequence of one colour was required. The duration of Surprise is around 35 seconds.

New World is a rapid firing 50 shot aerial barrage by Brothers Pyrotechnics. New World produces blue stars as part of its display and lasts around 20 seconds. New World does fire its effects up to a good height so would also be suitable as part of a large display.

Both Surprise and New World have minimum viewing distances of 8m, making them suitable for use in a garden.

  • David & Sally's opinion - Surprise has a dark pink/red colour all the way through, New World has nice, complementary blue stars throughout.
  • 50 glittering starbursts in 35 and 20 seconds
  • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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