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Sundown Rocket Selection (Bulk Pack).

£299.99 £419.94
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Sundown Rocket Selection (Bulk Pack).

£299.99 £419.94
In Stock -
£299.99 £419.94

Sundown Rocket Pack by Black Cat Fireworks. 18 rockets (3 effects)

Size = 60mm head diameter x 1200mm (inc stick)


Approx. 5 seconds each

Shellburst rockets. 



25 metres

- +

Sundown Rocket Selection (contains 18 rockets - 3 varieties)

The Sundown Rockets are by Black Cat Fireworks one of the originators of fireworks in the UK manufactured in China. The Sundown rocket pack is pyromeshed, so you know straight away that you are going to get high-performance rockets but you won't have any problems storing this rocket pack at home before your firework display.

We have managed to get an amazing deal with the Sundown rockets so that they work out at just over £16 per rocket. There are three varieties of effects in the pack and you get six of each variety making a total of 18 rockets.

We'd suggest firing them either in salvos of three, with one of each variety or for greater effect (but this does get through the money quickly) fire salvos of sixes of all the same effect.

  • David & Sally's opinion - This is an ideal rocket pack to add sheer volume of rockets to a display without breaking the bank. As good as much larger looking and more expensive rockets.
  • 18 rockets in the pack.
  • Three different effects in the pack
  • A loud bang and large display.


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