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£74.99 £149.99
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£74.99 £149.99

Splitter by Skycrafter from Brothers Pyrotechnics.

Size = 340mm x 280mm x 190mm


40 seconds (approx.)

Vertical and fan firing barrage. 


100 shots.

25 metres

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Splitter by Skycrafter from Brothers Pyrotechnics

Splitter by Skycrafter from Brothers Pyrotechnics is a crossette effect firework. A crossette is a star that breaks into 4 stars in a cross shape. That though would be too simple a description for Splitter because whilst it starts with the traditional crossette effect, halfway through the display long-tailed crackling comet stars are fired in a 'V'' formation either side of the bursting crossettes. The display then builds up in intensity (though not noise) by adding a zig-zag pattern of firing featuring both crossettes and crackling comets and a final fan-shaped burst of crackling comets ends the display.

One of the big things makes Splitter popular is the fact that whilst it is an action-packed firework the noise level throughout the display is quite low.

    • David & Sally's opinion - A nice variation on the crossette effect.
    • A low noise level firework
    • 100 shots
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.

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