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£37.00 £45.00

Solaris by Jorge Fireworks Large 25 shot aerial garden firework.

Size = 180mm x 180mm x 230mm


Approx. 35 seconds.

Vertical firing barrage.. 


25 shots

8 metres

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Solaris 25 shot cake

Solaris is one of the most impressive 'garden fireworks' you can buy. It is made by Jorge Fireworks who have quickly built a reputation in the Uk for high-quality fireworks. Solaris fires all its effects from 30mm diameter tubes, these are the largest the general public can have in a firework of this type of firework. Therefore the bursts produced by Solaris are as big as they can be. The effect in Solaris are the huge cascading Starfish shaped ones and each one also has a touch of colour to it. Due to the size of the bursts in Solaris, this is quite a loud firework but to get a display the size Solaris produces you have got to have a bit of noise.

As we have already mentioned Solaris is categorised as a garden firework, therefore it has a minimum viewing distance of 8m but we would suggest being further back to get the full benefit of this fantastic display. to end it all off with the final five shots are fired simultaneously for maximum impact.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Normally you would have to spend twice as much to get effects this size in a firework.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.
    • Lasts around 35 seconds.
    • 25 large bursts.
    • 5 shot finale.



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