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Soiree Selection Box

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Soiree Selection Box

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Soiree Firework Selection Box by Jonathan's Fireworks. Collect in-store and get a FREE pack of rockets with this selection box. A garden display assortment.

Size = 183mm x 460mm x 65mm (box)


Approx. 5 to 10mins when lit one after the other.

Garden display assortment.



8 metres

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Soiree Firework Selection Box by Jonathan's Fireworks

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Soiree is the entry level firework selection box in Jonathon's Fireworks range but don't for one minute think that it contains entry-level fireworks. The Soiree box contains 9 fireworks and some of those fireworks wouldn't look out of place in a £50 box. The Soiree selection box contains multi-shot Roman candles and long lasting fountains.

We would recommend this box for entertaining young children as there are not too many to get light (so they won't get bored) and each firework gives off a good performance. There is not a wheel in the Soiree firework pack so if that is important to you make sure you check out our wheels to buy separately.

Soiree selection Box which contains: 9 fireworks in total

1 x 70 Shot Roman Candle Battery

1 x 8 Shot Roman Candle

1 x Rocket

1 x 7 shot cake

1 x Twinkling Star Fountain (35 seconds)

1 x Happy Panda Fountain (35 seconds)

1 x Whirling Wizard Fountain (30 seconds)

1 x Killer Bee

1 x Fortune Fountain

    • David & Sally's opinion - Great selection for a small back garden party..
    • Outstanding performance fireworks for the money.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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