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Snow Storm

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Snow Storm

£64.99 £75.00
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£64.99 £75.00

Snow Storm Barrage by Zeus Fireworks.

Size = 370mm x 230mm x 180mm.


Approx. 30 secs. 

Aerial barrage.


50 shots

25 metres

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Snow Storm Barrage by Zeus Fireworks

Snow Storm by Zeus Fireworks certainly lives up to its name. Snow Storm is a large 50 shot aerial barrage. Each tube fires a cone of white glittering stars and almost silents burst of white glittering stars burst high above and cascade towards the ground. The 50 shots are fired at quite a rapid pace (duration is around 30 seconds) so there is plenty of action in Snow Storm despite it being a quite firework and we think this is one of the prettiest fireworks we have seen this year.

If you require quieter fireworks for your display then Snow Storm would be an ideal addition, likewise, Snow Storm will add contrast to a selection of noisier fireworks.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Very pretty low noise firework with quite an unusual effect.
    • 50 shots with the last few fired simultaneously for more impact.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.
    • Low noise!.

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