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£299.99 £424.99
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£299.99 £424.99

Showtime 184 shot. A single light multi-firework display in a box.

Size = 620mm x 515mm x 200mm


Approx. 2 mins.30 seconds.

Vertical & fan firing aerial barrage.


184 shots

25 metres

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Showtime Display in a box by Jonathan's Fireworks

Showtime is the a big Compound Firework by Jonathan's Fireworks. A Compound Firework is made up of several fireworks that are pre-fused together; so you only have to light one fuse to get the whole display.

Showtime fires 184 shots over approximately two and a half minutes. There are now a lot of this type of firework on the market but for us, Showtime stood out as there was a natural progression in the display from start to finish. Showtime begins quite slowly and as the display progresses it speeds up and fires more shots simultaneously.

Showtime is made up of five different fireworks to give you such a wide variety of colours and effects.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Probably the widest variety of effects we have seen in this type of firework.
    • Just light one fuse for a 2.5 minute display.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.