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Zeus Roman Candle Asst 2

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Zeus Roman Candle Asst 2

£62.00 £74.00
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£62.00 £74.00

Zeus Roman Candle assortment 2 (1 x multi-colour stars, 1 x Brocade parade, 1 x Crackling stars & 1 x Brocade with red, blue & purple tips). Low noise aerial barrages.

Size = 3 @ 560mm tall x 60mm diameter & 1 @ 400mm tall x 70mm diameter..


Approx. 35 seconds each.

Vertical firing aerial barrages.


805 shots in total

8 metres

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Zeus Roman Candles Asst. 2

This selection of Zeus Roman Candles contains some of their more unusual 175 shot variety and also their 280 shot multi-coloured one. The 175 shot Roman Candles are the following effects; crackling stars, Brocade Crown with red, blue and purple tips, multi-colour stars and Brocade Parade with glittering comet tails.

These Zeus Roman candles are quite low noise fireworks but obviously you will get crackles in the crackling star one. All of the Zeus Roman Candles fire their stars up to a good height and each one has a duration of just over 30 seconds. They are classed as garden fireworks so can be viewed from a minimum distance of 8m but because they fire their stars up to a good height so do not look out of place at an organised display.

  • David & Sally's opinion - a nice pack featuring slightly more unusual colours and effects.
  • Lots of shots per firework but very low noise.
  • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.


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