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Real Steel

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Real Steel

£119.99 £169.99
In Stock -
£119.99 £169.99

Real Steel 88 shot single ignition

Size = 450mm x 270mm x 205mm.


60 secs.

Vertical & fan effect barrage


88 shots

25 metres

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Real Steel Single Ignition Firework

Real Steel by Brothers Pyrotechnics has been a best seller for many years. Many fireworks of this type can be variations on a common theme but Real Steel sets itself apart due to its unusual effects. Among the effects in Real Steel are huge swirling stars. These stars spin around at high altitude like giant Catherine Wheels. The display is also multi-layered. What this means is that effects and stars are fired up to different altitudes. You will see in the finale section in the video that the camera has to pan upwards to capture the larger gold bursts.

Since Real Steel was introduced we have seen several fireworks try to copy the swirling star effect but they are all poor comparisons and hence why we stock the original and the best firework of its type; Real Steel by the renowned manufacturers, Brothers Pyrotechnics.

    • David & Sally's opinion - We love the big swirling star effect, we have yet to see another firework that comes close to Real Steel for this effect.
    • 88 display quality shots fired over a minute.
    • Manufactured by Brothers Pyrotechnics.