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Pyro Wizard

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Pyro Wizard

£59.99 £70.00
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£59.99 £70.00

Pyro Wizard 30 shot Fan effect Firework.

Size = 285mm x 235mm x 175mm


Approx. 40 seconds.

Fan firing aerial barrage.


56 shots

25 metres

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Pyro Wizard by Jonathan's Fireworks

Pyro Wizard by Jonathan's Fireworks is a 56 shot fan effect firework. It is always difficult to try and get something different as so many fireworks produce similar effects, so we are pleased to introduce Pyro Wizard to our range this year as it stood out from the crowd when we reviewed the new fireworks for this year.

Pyro Wizard starts off with alternating roaming fans of crackling stars and strobing shellbursts but then quickly picks the firing pace up and fires 4 shots at a time in a 'V' formation which it continues to do for the rest of the display. Fan effect fireworks can be over all too quickly and hence not look good value for money but Pyro Wizard lasts around 40 seconds so you get all the spectacle of a fan effect firework with a reasonable duration.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Different firing pattern to normal fan effect fireworks.
    • Long sequence of 'V' formation bursts,
    • Minimum viewing distance = 25m.


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