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Pyro Pandemonium Compound Firework

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Pyro Pandemonium Compound Firework

£109.99 £139.99
In Stock -
£109.99 £139.99

Pyro Pandemonium by Black Cat Fireworks. A giant compound pre-fused display - just light one fuse.

Size = 380mm x 650mm x 200mm


Approx. 60 seconds.

Single ignition - compound firework.


206 shots.

8 metres

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Pyro Pandemonium Compound Firework

Pyro Pandemonium is a giant compound firework from Black Cat Fireworks. Pyro Pandemonium is made up of three fireworks that already have their fuses linked together so you only have one fuse to light. Pandemonium's fireworks are glued to a wooden board so there is not even a need to bury this firework.

Pyro Pandemonium fires 206 shots in an incredible 60 seconds display and includes the following colours and effects; red, green, blue stars, gold comet tails, silver glitter, red and lemon umbrella bursts, green palms, blue peonies and cascading golden brocade bursts.

    • David & Sally's opinion - Simple to use giant firework, just place on the floor and light the fuse.
    • 206 shots fired in one minute.
    • Minimum viewing distance = 8m.

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