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Outer Space Quad Pack

£199.99 £299.99
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Outer Space Quad Pack

£199.99 £299.99
In Stock -
£199.99 £299.99

Outer Space Quad Pack 4 x large aerial barrages

1 x 92 shot, 1 x 54 shot, 1 x 50 shot & 1 x 68 shot.


3.25 mins. in total

Vertical & Fan effect single ignitions


264 in total

25 metres

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Outer Space Quad Pack by Standard Fireworks. 

Standard Firework's Quad Packs have proved to be one of our best selling firework packs in recent years and offer exceptional value for money. Containing only single ignition style fireworks, the Quad pack will provide you with a short spectacular display if used on its own or it will perfectly compliment the fireworks in even the largest display.  The pack contains 3 fan effect fireworks and 1 vertically firing firework.

We sell a lot of Quad Packs with our Launch Kontrol remote firing system, that way you to can stand back and watch the display.

  • David & Sally's opinion - The Quad Pack is probably one of the most under rated firework packs on the market and certainly slips under many people's radar. We first came across the Quad Packs a few year's ago and thought what exceptional value for money they are.

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